Surface Igniter, LLC the pioneer in the development of the silicon carbide igniter in 1969, is today a leading manufacturer of hot surface igniters for the BBQ grill, clothes dryer, cooking, and heating industries.  


Advanced Technology

Our Advanced Technology department is focused on defining progressive materials and technologies while remaining commercially viable in the increasingly cost-sensitive domestic appliance industry.

Advanced Manufacturing

The primary role of our Advanced manufacturing group is to look into innovative methods of production for the current and future products, fully utilizing lean manufacturing principles. A concurrent engineering approach ensures the new products are fully designed for manufacture right from the very concept of an idea

Design Expertise

Our design center is equipped with the latest designs ensuring a "right first-time"  output

Product and System Proving

Before any new component, product or system is cleared for manufacturing, it undergoes extensive and rigorous pre-production testing, resulting in a product that is robust, reliable and fit for purpose.