DS038KX Samsung Aftermarket Range Bake Igniter

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Surface Igniter LLC manufactures a Samsung Replacement Igniter for Parts: DG94-00520A,  DG94-01441A, and many other Samsung Gas Oven igniters.
Flat Version 3.3 ~ 3,6 AMPS @ 116 VAC

Built to OEM specifications or better. We work with the manufactures specification from drawings, knowledge, and meeting at the critical to quality elements, and making any improvements in the material when applicable.

Samsung  Gas Range Hot Surface Igniter

Manufacturer’s Part Number: DG94-00520A
Cross Reference Information:

Part Number DG94-00520A replaces DG94-00520A

Manufacturer, Model Number, Description.

Samsung FX510BGS/XAA-0000 GAS RANGE
Samsung FX510BGS/XAA-0001 GAS RANGE
Samsung FX510BGS/XAA-0002 GAS RANGE
Samsung FX710BGS/XAA-0000 GAS RANGE
Samsung FX710BGS/XAA-0001 GAS RANGE
Samsung FX710BGS/XAA-0002 GAS RANGE
Samsung FX710BGS/XAC-0000 RANGE, GAS
Samsung NX583G0VBBB/AA-0000 RANGE
Samsung NX583G0VBSR/AA-0001 GAS RANGE
Samsung NX583G0VBWW/AA-0000 RANGE
Samsung NX58F5300SS/AA-0000 GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58F5500SB/AA-0000 GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58F5500SS/AA-0000 GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58F5500SW/AA-0000 GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA-0000 RANGE
Samsung NX58F5700WS/AA-0001 RANGE
Samsung NX58H5600SS/AA-0000 RANGE
Samsung NX58H5650WS/AA-0000 RANGE
Samsung NX58H9500WS/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58H9950WS/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58J5600SG/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58J7750SG/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58J7750SS/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K3310SB/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K3310SS/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K3310SW/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K7850SG/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K7850SS/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K9500WG/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K9850SG/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K9850SS/AA (0000) GAS RANGE
Samsung NX58K9852SG/AA (0000) GAS RANGE


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2 reviews for DS038KX Samsung Aftermarket Range Bake Igniter

  1. Harold Brownell (verified owner)

    As far as reliability of the igniter, I just installed it today, and it worked. And dealing with this company was a very good experience. They were professional, knowledgeable, and willing to answer my questions. The price was right and their expedience was exceptional.

  2. John (verified owner)

    Great customer service when I called and this igniter works great!
    Full disclosure the original igniter still worked and the problem turned out to be manufacturing defect. One of the wires on the original igniter was pinched behind metal and broke causing it to stop working. I could have repaired the wire but had already ordered this one and to be honest probably better off with it that’s the junk Samsung one.

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